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Pls boost so I can show my wife how a toot can go round the world

(we are boarding a long haul flight and will be on the other side of the world when I turn my phone back on, so even with 0 boosts I think this will be a sound demonstration)

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But seriously, people who don’t support #open #standards, how are we gonna achieve a #StarTrek future where we can easily have video calls among ships from different planets and races, including #Klingons and #Romulan ships?

Do you think the #Ferengi created a video call app to unite races from all over the Universe and they’ll never take advantage of owning that app?

Would you trust the #Ferengi? Then why you trust the tech bros?

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And the k5 pro arrived! Now I'll have to get the DT 990 pro

Back from vacation and got my first 2 prints 🤘🏽


Let's see if he honor the result 😂

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Spent this evening working on media (S3) storage improvements.

Now to finish up admin invites, next up will be a new landing page design with an optional public feed so you can browse :pixelfed: servers without having to register! #pixeldev

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