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Pls boost so I can show my wife how a toot can go round the world

(we are boarding a long haul flight and will be on the other side of the world when I turn my phone back on, so even with 0 boosts I think this will be a sound demonstration)

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But seriously, people who don’t support #open #standards, how are we gonna achieve a #StarTrek future where we can easily have video calls among ships from different planets and races, including #Klingons and #Romulan ships?

Do you think the #Ferengi created a video call app to unite races from all over the Universe and they’ll never take advantage of owning that app?

Would you trust the #Ferengi? Then why you trust the tech bros?

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@Matthijs nice!
Zat je in een zak? Of schoot je met lange lens?

And the k5 pro arrived! Now I'll have to get the DT 990 pro

Back from vacation and got my first 2 prints 🤘🏽


Yeah! But smoke a bit though 😂

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